Martha Hurlburt

We’ve finished our first day of class with students. We began the day with Brenda, Mary and myself doing a short assessment with students to hopefully place students in the class that fits their English level. Once the assessments were complete, we next looked at how we could try to divide the classes into fairly equal numbers while still grouping students of similar levels. My intermediate class had 20 students […]

Day One of Classes

Walk into any of the classrooms, and energy is everywhere. Day two just built on day one. We had a full day teaching and learning with students (8:30 – 3:00). Today we continued to get to know each other today and then moved more into the learning mode. By working with small groups of students, we have the opportunity to get to know them on a deeper basis and have […]

What amazing energy

Today we finished our first week of classes. It will be nice to take a deep breath this weekend, enjoy a Saturday trip away from the Bible school and then have dinner with a family on Sunday after church. This is Filip. He came to EFL classes last summer and was in the intermediate class. He was one of several boys who were in a group with David Benko. When […]

Week #1 is finished!

Filip is back! Filip came to English classes two years ago for the first time. He spoke only a little English but was placed in the intermediate class. He liked to keep his hat pulled down over his eyes and wouldn’t smile much. Last year Filip returned to English class and begged to be moved into the intermediate class when he was placed in beginners. I knew Filip needed to […]

Relationships continue…

Yesterday our morning devotion came from I Chronicles 29. David talks about all the resources he is providing toward the building of the Temple of God. Although it was in his heart to building the Temple, God told him his son Solomon would be the one. David was investing in something he would not see in his lifetime. He would never personally worship worship God in this building that he desired to build. […]

The fruits of serving in Slovakia

Relationships… That’s what Serving Slovakia is all about. I just finished reading the blog entries by our team members at the youth camp. Relationships was a reoccurring theme in each entry. Whether at the youth camp or here in the EFL classes here in Martin, it is one of our main purposes in Martin besides teaching English. Building relationships with the students and helping build a relationship with the Bible […]

It’s all about relationships…

In less than four weeks now our team will be meeting at the airport at some incredibly early hour to begin the journey to Slovakia. Right now, however, I have to be honest, it is just one of many things on my mind. As a fifth grade teacher, I am overwhelmed with the last days of a school year and report cards. I’m also trying to work on plans for […]


We have arrived! Whew! We met Friday morning at 5:30 am at the airport and arrived here in Martin by bus around 7:00 pm this evening after 28 1/2 hours of travel. We’ve settled our things in our rooms, enjoyed dinner and some of us are sitting out on the square using the free internet to send messages. We’ll enjoy worshipping with the people at the Lutheran church in the […]

We’re here!

Time seems to fly here in Slovakia. We are coming up on the end of our first week of classes. It’s hard to believe we are almost at the halfway point. Some impressions so far . . . God is clearly in control and working to establish relationships. Some very  unexpected. We also have opportunities to continue to build prior relationships. One student from the past two years showed up […]

Almost halfway . . .

Last night we traveled south to visit with the students at the Be Cool Stay Cool camp. We enjoyed delicious BBQ’d Slovak sausages and a chance to visit with the high school students. One student came up and asked me if I remembered him. He had been in English classes for a week two years ago. He seemed pleased I remembered his name. Next, Kirsten and I visited with Kate, […]

Building relationships

As I sit in a hotel room in Jackson, Mississippi (I’m here with a group of teachers from Vancouver learning about the Civil Rights Movement), working on planning lessons for the intermediate class, I can feel my growing anticipation for another year of teaching, connecting with and serving the people in and around Martin, Slovakia. Just yesterday morning I was talking face-to-face (via Skype) with a friend who was there […]

Just a few more days . . .

The anticipation is building. Tomorrow classes begin and students arrive for the English as a Foreign Language classes. We moved into the dorm rooms this afternoon and are settled in for the next two weeks. Room 103 has three occupants. Currently, two of us are sitting working on putting finishing touches on our lesson plans for tomorrow. I’ve got my ear buds in and Chris Tomlin’s song “Lay Me Down” […]

Classes start tomorrow

This afternoon I opened my email and found a message from my friend, Alexandra. I have known her since the first year a team went to Martin, Slovakia. Along with three other students, she was in the small group I led. She lives in a small village outside of Bratislava, the capitol. She wanted to know when we arrive. Last summer I stayed with Alexandra and her parents an extra […]

Message from a Friend