Pat Marmion

Today was my first ever experience at teaching EFL. I was nervous, especially when I discovered my assignment — team leader for five high school boys!  I am comfortable teaching medical students, after all they are all college graduates.  My three adult sons would probably agree that I don’t interact well with teenage boys! Right away I was challenged by the disruptive one,  “Why do you come here?”   “Because […]

Why are you here?

Do I believe in God — or do I believe God? Do I trust in God or do I trust God? Isn’t the preposition redundant? My Slovakian friend Bohdan tells me that ‘believe’ and ‘trust’ originate from the same Greek root. I can say, “I believe you, God”. Pray that we are His face, His hands, His voice, His love after lunch today.

What do you believe ‘in’?

After 3 pm we had a real downpour!  It has continued to rain (now 11 pm) and it will continue all day tomorrow.  Please pray that our team and the campers will have a rewarding experience in spite of the weather.  May many decide to become Jesus’ disciples…    

Heavy Rain for Campers

We rode the bus to camp to visit and encourage our teammates and the students who have been there since Sunday.  I rode next to 22 year old Anna who asked why so many of us were in Slovakia.  I explained that each of us were ‘called’ to share our faith with them. Paul wrote to Philemon, “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that […]

Sharing my Faith

That is how Terka described herself and her friends this afternoon.  Their teen friend Adam was killed last Wednesday when he was accidentally electrocuted.  Sadness was palpable both at camp and the classrooms.  Adam’s funeral was today and many of our students, now our friends, were there.  Our hearts ache for their loss.  As our two week mission ended Friday night, we joined students as they spontaneously initiated prayers for […]

Happy facade but we’re broken inside…