Russ Price

We just completed our first full day with over 60 students! ┬áIt was very exciting and rewarding – full of both promise and apprehension as the students and our team embark on this journey together. I am tired but can’t wait to spend another day with my small group. They range in age from 11 to 40 and share a common goal to improve their English skills. Their motivations vary […]

First day!

The first day or two this week felt long but looking back now, the entire week just flew by! I am enjoying time this afternoon (Sunday) resting and reflecting while anticipating and preparing for the week ahead. Two of my students won’t be participating in week 2 (Marcela and Elena) and I’ll miss them both. We’ll likely have new students to inculcate and that will undoubtedly bring both promise and […]

First Week Reflections