As we near our departure it is so exciting to know that God is going to use us to further His kingdom. We may or may not see the fruits of our labor while we are there, but to be used as a tool for someone to come to Christ is overwhelming. Please be praying for the hearts of the people we will be teaching and the students who are […]

Hearts for Slovakia

Great news! Lenka and Pauka were talking more today! It’s as though a switch went on or something. They were adding to discussion and asking more questions. God is so good! And of course Dominika and Katka continue to talk and grow. It’s so amazing to watch our class learn. And Dana is doing such a wonderful job. Please pray for her as she prepares her lessons and tries to […]

Great News!

Today, was a half-day for the students so we had them do a fun craft where they were partnered up randomly and had to get to know each other a little and then design a little foam t-shirt for their partner. The students did such a great job and were so clever with what they wrote on the shirts. They seemed to really enjoy it. After class, the girls at […]

Fun Adventures

Saturday was a long day full of wonderful sites and I am exhausted. We left at 6:45AM to travel to Spissky Hrad (Castle), the largest Castle in Central Europe. The trip was about 3 hours and well worth it. The castle was just as beautiful as the last time I saw it three years ago. After Spissky, we traveled to Kezmorak where we visited another gorgeous castle, a breathtaking wooden […]

Castles, Churches and Campers

Today was such a fun, but bitter sweet day. Aside from the Elevate team, we lost a few students including Pauka and Lenka who are now up at camp. Please pray that their hearts and minds would be open to the Lord. Also, we gained one new student! Her name is Eva and she travels about 200 KM to come to class. We are so excited to have her. Pray […]

It’s Week Two!