Building relationships 1

Last night we traveled south to visit with the students at the Be Cool Stay Cool camp. We enjoyed delicious BBQ’d Slovak sausages and a chance to visit with the high school students. One student came up and asked me if I remembered him. He had been in English classes for a week two years ago. He seemed pleased I remembered his name.

Next, Kirsten and I visited with Kate, Pastor Jan’s daughter. She had come to English class two different summers. Last summer she moved to Bratislava with her parents and to a new church. We enjoyed talking with her and hearing about how she had adjusted to moving quite a distance away from where she had grown up. Her English keeps improving!

Later, I had a young man come up to me and ask if I remembered him. He had to help out a little by reminding me his father had been in English class with me the second year our team had come. They live a ways east of Martin and I was able to remember the name of where they lived. At the time he was much shorter and in the beginner’s class. Standing before me now was a young man taller than me and fluently speaking in English.

Earlier this week I enjoyed an afternoon with a student who had been in class for the past two years. We enjoyed coffee and then walked all around Martin. She showed me her school and several other places around Martin before it was time for her to head back to her village.

Whether it’s a few spoken words, and short conversation or an afternoon together, it’s all about relationships and helping people begin or deepen their relationship with God.

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