But God… 2

I’ve been reading through the Bible this year with the leaders of the various women’s ministry groups at New Heights. One thing that’s stood out for me in the Old Testament has been the number of times I’ve seen the phrase “but God…” It usually seems to occur during a difficult or challenging time in the life of the people of Israel. A time when things seem completely overwhelming and there seems to be no hope of overcoming the situation. But God intervenes and His power is shown to His people and all the nations.

That’s a phrase you hear often here in Slovakia. Yesterday, we had the opportunity as a team to hear from Bohdan Hrobon – the founder of the Bible School in Martin. When he started the school, nothing of its kind existed in Slovakia – and I’m sure he had his share of doubters, but God had things under control and it was exciting to hear how the school is impacting people all over Slovakia – and the world.

Shortly after starting the school, the leaders of the Bible School had another dream. What if they started a Christian elementary school that could impact the lives of children and, in doing so, impact the lives of Slovak families? People may have thought they were a little crazy to take on such an endeavor, but God had other plans, and the school is considered the best school in Martin, ranks in the top 10 elementary schools in all of Slovakia, is growing by leaps and bounds, and is impacting entire families for Christ.

Now, due to the miraculous intervention of God, they have an opportunity to expand the elementary school again to include the first few grades of Middle School. The city has “leased” two add’l buildings to them for the cost of one Euro per year for 50 years. Yeah, 1 Euro. From the city. For a Christian school. Right in the center of Martin. Exciting? Yes. Miraculous? For sure. Challenging? Absolutely.

As of today, the buildings will take an overwhelming amount of work and money to have them renovated and ready for the fall. They basically have six weeks before school begins to prepare them for students – and need $60,000 to do so. In this economy, it might as well be 6 hours and $60 million.

But God…

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