We are in our second to last day of camp, I can hardly believe it is almost over. It has been such a growth experience. I have met so many wonderful students over this trip and will miss them dearly when we have to leave. We hope to be able to spend some time with them when we get back to Martin. It is amazing how bright they all are! Most speak four languages; English, German, French, and Slovak.

It has been so good to be able to see God working here with the students and in me as well. Being in a place where little English is spoken causes me to draw closer in conversation with Him and for that I am thankful. It is good to be stretched and I am so thankful to be able to be used by Him, even in small ways. God works in such wonderful ways and it has been such a blessing to be able to see it in these students. Praise be to Him!

A few things you can be praying for is that we end our camp strong with lots of energy, gentle hearts, and that we will be able to continue these relationships we have formed after camp has ended.

Thank you all so much for your prayer, it is so good to know we have such a great support team at home. Miss you all!