This is my first trip to Slovakia and I have learned so much I can’t begin to process it all yet, but one thing I’ve really loved has been visiting the camps. We brought several young people and one family of four whose primary purpose has been serving in a high school and then a middle school camp for Slovak youth. We, as the EFL members of the team, have gotten to travel out to the camps one night each week to observe, meet the campers, and see our NH youth in action. I have so enjoyed these visits. I came to the Lord as a young teen and church camp was so influential in my formative days as a believer that I have an appreciation for them perhaps not felt by other adults. I have been so blessed to see our ‘kids’ working with these Slovak kids, using fun as a doorway into their hearts. We have heard how at least 2 generations of Slovakians have been ‘lost’ to the Lord due to 40 years of communist rule; these camps, as well as the Christian school here in Martin, are an important means in getting a foothold into a culture that is hungry for what only Jesus can supply. I am so happy that I’ve been able to be a part of it all.

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