Castles, Churches and Campers

Saturday was a long day full of wonderful sites and I am exhausted.

We left at 6:45AM to travel to Spissky Hrad (Castle), the largest Castle in Central Europe. The trip was about 3 hours and well worth it. The castle was just as beautiful as the last time I saw it three years ago.

After Spissky, we traveled to Kezmorak where we visited another gorgeous castle, a breathtaking wooden Lutheran church and a “newer” Lutheran church. One thing that stood out to me at the wooden church were 12 paintings on one of the balconies. They each depicted a scene from the Bible and went together in pairs: one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, for example there was a picture of Adam and Eve next to a picture of Christ’s birth representing two new beginnings.  All three places took my breath away and it was so neat to hear about the history of each one. We then went to dinner and I had a wonderful time with Hedwi again. She is such an encouragement.

Today, we sent the team of Elevate and Slovaks off to camp with 27 students. They all seemed really excited and ready. So please keep them in your prayers.

We also got a nice break in the weather so thank you for your prayers!

Spissky Hrad


Students gathering to go off to camp

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