I feel like I am ready to burst at the seams! I am above and beyond excited to go to Slovakia! God has just made me feel as if there is nothing else I was made to do this summer but to go here. I just feel so blessed that I got chosen to go and that God opened this door for me! With just a month left I am […]

Just 31 days until we leave!

At 6:15am (that’s less than 20 hours) tomorrow morning (Friday, July 9th, 2010), the Serving Slovakia team will be meeting at the Portland, OR airport in front of the US Airways ticket counter. For many, the realization is likely just now hitting that “Ohmygosh! We’re leaving TOMORROW! I’m not even packed yet!! I don’t even know what I’m going to pack! AGGHGHHH!” Or at least, that’s what I’m feeling right […]

T-20 hours and counting….

As we near our departure it is so exciting to know that God is going to use us to further His kingdom. We may or may not see the fruits of our labor while we are there, but to be used as a tool for someone to come to Christ is overwhelming. Please be praying for the hearts of the people we will be teaching and the students who are […]

Hearts for Slovakia

For those of you who follow Matt Edmonds and the Impact Indonesia team, you may remember a “vlog” about their experience with a moving walkway. On behalf of Serving Slovakia, we wanted to let you know that we found one too! Not to mention, we’re just a bit more interesting.

We found a moving WALKWAAAAAYYY!!!!

Well, it’s about 5:30pm on Monday, July 12. We made it here safely on Saturday, some 24+ hours after initially leaving Portland. Everyone made it safely and in good health, without any complications. After we got here Saturday night we moved right into the dorms and then had dinner at Penzion Brilant. A delicious reprieve from the airline/airport diet we’d been on for the last day and a half. Sunday […]

We’re here…..(belated)

Today was the first day of teaching the English classes. I was placed in the beginner class (possibly due to my lack of ability to speak English). It was a wonderful experience, some of the students were very functional in conversations in English while others were very new to the language. The moment of the day that truly popped out as a time to connect with students was when the […]

Monday in Martin

Although still feeling somewhat confined, we were very excited to be through with airports and planes for a while! In the comfort of our air conditioned bus we began to enjoy the scenic four hour drive from Vienna to Martin, as some of us dozed off and on, while others stared wide-eyed at the beauty of the rural countryside.  Both of these stunning sights could be seen from the rest […]

The Drive to Martin

Great news! Lenka and Pauka were talking more today! It’s as though a switch went on or something. They were adding to discussion and asking more questions. God is so good! And of course Dominika and Katka continue to talk and grow. It’s so amazing to watch our class learn. And Dana is doing such a wonderful job. Please pray for her as she prepares her lessons and tries to […]

Great News!

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe this is already the end of Day 6! While at times it feels like we’ve been here in Slovakia for a long time already, at others it seems to be going by so quickly. Just yesterday our team from Elevate found out that we will in fact be going to the camp we had planned on originally, and Michal will hopefully be taking us to […]

Day 6-Wednesday

I’ve been reading through the Bible this year with the leaders of the various women’s ministry groups at New Heights. One thing that’s stood out for me in the Old Testament has been the number of times I’ve seen the phrase “but God…” It usually seems to occur during a difficult or challenging time in the life of the people of Israel. A time when things seem completely overwhelming and […]

But God…

Today, was a half-day for the students so we had them do a fun craft where they were partnered up randomly and had to get to know each other a little and then design a little foam t-shirt for their partner. The students did such a great job and were so clever with what they wrote on the shirts. They seemed to really enjoy it. After class, the girls at […]

Fun Adventures

what can i say, this has been the most wonderful crazy stressful weeks, but i am loving every moment of it. We didn’t know till day 5 that we would be doing the overnight camp due to the count of students coming. But in Gods plan it is happening. And i am very excited for it. All the nervous/excited feelings i got the day before we left the states vanished […]

Day 7 oh my..

barely surviving in this jungle, don’t know how much longer the elevate team can take this scorching heat and the BIG thunderstorms. We are definitely going to be needing help from YOU and the BIG GUY up stairs for prayer to KEEP GOING and strive to the finish line. We will come across the need for patience with one another to work well together and will have to lean on […]

Going on day 8

Ahoj! I can not really express into words just how amazing this experince has been for me, but I will try: The experience of traveling was not something I really enjoyed. The airports were hot and I did not sleep on any of the flights. But honesly that has been the only bad experience (well that and never being able to cool off lol). But really, God is working in […]

The week recap

Hey all, I just want to say thank you for so much support by checking this blog. I want to say sorry that the posts have been coming slowly, but internet has been a commodity around here. The trip is going well and it is amazing to see God at work (in our lives as well as those around us). For me, it has been wonderful connecting with the youth […]

One of the biggest frustrations for me personally here is the unreliable internet, coupled with my relative incompetence in navigating it. Somehow I always seem to find a way to make things harder than they have to be. I also feel strongly that computers are like cats; they know whether you like them or not and treat you accordingly. The text I prepared to accompany the picture in my previous […]

Katy and Lucy: Take 2

Saturday was a long day full of wonderful sites and I am exhausted. We left at 6:45AM to travel to Spissky Hrad (Castle), the largest Castle in Central Europe. The trip was about 3 hours and well worth it. The castle was just as beautiful as the last time I saw it three years ago. After Spissky, we traveled to Kezmorak where we visited another gorgeous castle, a breathtaking wooden […]

Castles, Churches and Campers

Well….registration and check-in is going on right now for the Elevate Youth Camp up in the mountains for Slovak High Schoolers. We’re taking off in about 40 minutes for the camp and won’t return until Friday evening. Updates from the camp may be sporadic and in the form of text messages, as we don’t really know if we’ll have any sort of internet access at the camp to upload pictures […]

Youth Camp

Well, we made it to camp safely!! Despite the bus being as wide as the road and a cliff less than a foot away from the edge of the road, we made it! We just finished dinner and have all unpacked, set up the meeting room, and are just socializing now. Our total number of students is up to 27, and 12 leaders. This is a HUUUUGE change from the […]

We’re here!

To reiterate what was said in the post yesterday by Matt, we are now at camp!!!!! It is cold here, a stark contrast to the sweltering heat of Martin. The students seem to be enjoying things. Some more reluctantly than others. It has been fun connecting with students, even though it has only been 1 day. The leadership team of the camp consists of the 5 students from Elevate and […]

Good morning!

Yesterday, our Elevate team – along with their Slovak teammates – left for Camp. The parking lot was filled with families saying good-bye to their high schoolers.  However, in the midst of all the good-byes, there were several reunions. Campers from last year were reuniting with various folks from the New Heights team. You could see the excitement and joy on the faces of the various parties as the reunions […]

Class Reunion

Today was such a fun, but bitter sweet day. Aside from the Elevate team, we lost a few students including Pauka and Lenka who are now up at camp. Please pray that their hearts and minds would be open to the Lord. Also, we gained one new student! Her name is Eva and she travels about 200 KM to come to class. We are so excited to have her. Pray […]

It’s Week Two!

Yesterday our morning devotion came from I Chronicles 29. David talks about all the resources he is providing toward the building of the Temple of God. Although it was in his heart to building the Temple, God told him his son Solomon would be the one. David was investing in something he would not see in his lifetime. He would never personally worship worship God in this building that he desired to build. […]

The fruits of serving in Slovakia

Hello All! I would like to say a big thank you to all of you wonderful people who are checking our blog for updates on our time here in Slovakia! Already, we have seen the effects of your prayers, for example, several times we asked for prayers that there would be a change in the extreme heat and humidity when we came here to the camp, and God has been […]

Day 2 of Camp!!

The past two evenings have provided wonderful opportunities to connect with students from this year and year’s past. Some of you will remember Tomas, a student who attended our English classes in years 1-3. He visited Vancouver a couple of years ago and his photo is presently on the Serving Slovakia bulletin board in the main hallway. Tomas recently graduated from the University of Zilina with a degree in what […]

Nightlife in Slovakia

Today was a good day at camp! It was my very first time giving a talk with a translator, quite a different feeling! Also, the connections with students have been growing. We went on a hike to a traditional Slovak village. The best part of the hike was the opportunities that arose to speak 1-on-1 with students with their full attention…Also, several of us got a chance to milk sheep […]

Camp Day 4

Well, it’s breakfast time on day 5 of camp. The connections and relationships are blossoming all around, both with the english and slovak team members. It’s great seeing how open these students are becoming….how ready they are to engage and try their best to have conversations in a language other than their own…..how much they want to get to know us. Already students are asking if we’ll come back again […]

Camp Day 5 – the beginning

As I think about our time here in Slovakia over the past two weeks or so, I simply cannot think where the time has gone! We are now beginning our last full day here at BCSC camp, and the skies seem to hold the promise of yet another beautiful day. Each day we spend here is more fun than the last, and since tonight will be our last night meeting, […]

Nearing the end…

Relationships… That’s what Serving Slovakia is all about. I just finished reading the blog entries by our team members at the youth camp. Relationships was a reoccurring theme in each entry. Whether at the youth camp or here in the EFL classes here in Martin, it is one of our main purposes in Martin besides teaching English. Building relationships with the students and helping build a relationship with the Bible […]

It’s all about relationships…

We’re in our last five hours here at camp and still have a LOT to do today. I don’t have time to write too much right now with everything, but wanted to give a quick update. Last night we held our second annual talent show which consisted mostly of impromptu acts and the Elevate team completely humiliating themselves (but in a good way!) We sang very random songs as a […]

Down to the wire

We’re almost at the end of our time in Slovakia – and what an incredible two weeks it’s been. The first week was filled with some challenges, but God as always was faithful and things worked out – perhaps not as we would have wanted but certainly in such a way that our goal in coming here could be met – serving the folks in Slovakia. The second week was […]

The End… Almost

Each year God impresses something special on my heart when I am here in Slovakia. This year we went on a beautiful hike in the (Mala Fatra) mountains. We hiked through canyons, along streams, around ridges, climbed up ladders through narrow passages, viewed waterfalls and got to visit with friends. I wasn’t sure initially if I was going to go on this hike, but with encouragement decided his was a […]

God’s Love

Hi All! It’s a couple of days after the trip, so I’m wondering who will even be seeing this, but I thought I would make a post-trip post anyways. Haha, post-trip post, I crack myself up…can you tell I’m a little tired?? Last year when I returned from Slovakia, I was tired, but not so much from the jet-lag, and I was sleeping normally. But this time around, I slept scarcely […]

The jet lag is killing me…