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As I sit in a hotel room in Jackson, Mississippi (I’m here with a group of teachers from Vancouver learning about the Civil Rights Movement), working on planning lessons for the intermediate class, I can feel my growing anticipation for another year of teaching, connecting with and serving the people in and around Martin, Slovakia. Just yesterday morning I was talking face-to-face (via Skype) with a friend who was there […]

Just a few more days . . .

I will have soooooo much more room in my bags–when we come home, that is.  Right now, not so much!!!!!

The Center for Christian Education  (CCE) in Martin is celebrating its’ 15th anniversary. Additionally, Friday was a national holiday to commemorate the 1150th anniversary of the arrival of saints Cyril (Constantine) and Methodius in Greater Moravia from Salonika (now called Thessaloniki). Thanks to these brothers, the Bible was translated into the language of the people shortly before the year 885. This is known as the Kralice Bible and it was […]

15th Anniversary…

The anticipation is building. Tomorrow classes begin and students arrive for the English as a Foreign Language classes. We moved into the dorm rooms this afternoon and are settled in for the next two weeks. Room 103 has three occupants. Currently, two of us are sitting working on putting finishing touches on our lesson plans for tomorrow. I’ve got my ear buds in and Chris Tomlin’s song “Lay Me Down” […]

Classes start tomorrow

    This weekend the Center for Christian Education celebrated 15 years of God’s miracle in the life of the school. There was a dinner reception to thank all the US teams for their past involvement – it was really quite amazing, a day of lectures about the history of Christianity, God’s word coming to Slovakia and the story of the CCE, a huge outdoor church service, an all-church goulash […]

Weekend fun

It is Monday evening here in Martin, Slovakia, and I can hardly believe we left Vancouver last Wednesday!!! So much has happened since then. We had smooth flights and connections with no one’s luggage lost, lovely pensions in which to stay and most recently, we were able to join our Slovak hosts in celebrating not only a national holiday(1150 yr anniversary of Christianity brought to Slovakia!!!), but also the 15th […]

It is Monday evening here in Martin…

If my computer were an orchestra right now, it would create a symphony of zinging music that fills my heart every time I stand before these precious students to teach them, but more importantly, to respond to their eager (well, usually anyway!) and laughing faces. By the way, the symphony would never end!!!!

Music to my heart…

This past week went by very quickly!  So many students to meet and work with; playing, reading, repeating, blowing bubbles with bubble gum, explaining, laughing, smiling, drawing… And after classes, trips to a castle and waterfall, a worship service in an 11th century church, a supper of traditional dishes including bryndzove halusky (sheep cheese gnocci) and rezance s makom (poppy seed noodles).  Bryndzva is a special type of traditional Slovak […]

A week gone by…

Today begins our second week in Martin. In some ways it’s seems like it was a month ago we arrived because the week was packed with so many new and familiar activities. The first day of class was as exciting and a bit scary for me as it was for our students. I am amazed at the English skills my advanced students possess. Their grammar was better than mine, and […]

God at work in Slovakia

Today we arrived at camp, 2 miles from Poland.  48 Slovak incoming high schoolers arrived all eager and a little scared to embark on this new journey they are entering in. I feel the same way! We did a lot of games, ice breakers, broke up into camp teams, made bracelets, sang songs, and learned the new rules for the week. We are excited to see what happens!

First day at high school camp!

We just completed our first full day of camp. All praise be to Jesus, it went very well. Although the first couple days can prove to be a challenge due to the language barrier, God is faithful to make a way past it. Through silly songs, line dancing, and sports God has allowed us to begin building relationships with these students. We are having so much fun and I am […]


First day and a half of camp… wow. As always seeing the kids come off of the bus for the first time was a little intimidating.  The language barrier is often a hurdle that keeps students from talking with us and so it is always nerve-racking to see how they will react to these foreigners hanging around.  But God showed up big.  In the last few days the kids have […]

And so camp begins…

Wow! It’s pretty crazy to think that we are at the half-way point of camp, and in the final stretch of the trip! Spending time in the classrooms the first week was amazing, and many blessings and great friendships were started through that time. Now, we are here at camp with about 50 amazing students! Although the first day was a little uncomfortable, the ice seems to now be broken […]


Today was yet another amazing day at camp! The kids are really starting to warm up to us, making for more meaningful conversations. Today we were also able to visit a dairy farm which included jumping around in a giant hay barn, tasting fresh cheese and even milking a few cows. The kids are beginning to make some good progress in the daily workshops as well. They are learning skits, […]

And the camp fun continues!

Today was yet another test of flexibility for the EGMT camp.  We talked through the day in the morning and had plans for English classes and sports; however, before long we ended up at a dairy farm watching cows being milked by a giant farm device many kids liked to call “the octopus machine.”  For a person who enjoys having a day planned out, trips like this are a mini […]

Halfway through already…

Today I would have to say was the best day yet… and also the most tiring.  Funny how those two things so often coincide.  Anyways the hike was an awesome opportunity to chat with some students that I had not gotten to know yet and also presented the time to dig a bit deeper into what exactly Jesus means to them. After the hike, we had the rest of the […]

Day 3…

High school camp in Slovakia is going very well. The purpose of this camp is to develop and form bonds of friendship with the brand new high school that is starting at the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia. 51 students from Martin and other areas of Slovakia, are getting to know each in fun and unique ways. They are bonding over English and Slovak tongue twisters, camp food, swimming, […]

High School Camp continues!

Two of our dear friends here in Martin will be getting married soon. Ita will marry this Saturday; Sisa on September 21. We were thrilled to be able to do a shower for them – an idea that’s fairly new here in Slovakia. I promised them no silly games – and stuck to my promise. Instead, I asked each of the women on the team to write out two things […]

Bridal Shower

I now sit here driving back from the camp and it is hard for me to wrap my head around where exactly these last 16 days went.  Yesterday, I was saying goodbye to friends at PDX and today I am packing for the trip home again.  At the same time, this journey has been packed with so much for me – most notably the gaining of a new perspective. At […]

Lessons Learned