Be Cool Stay Cool

Today is our first full day in martin and it has been so lovely, despite the heat and humidity. We had a church out side today and got to wear little head sets so that we could understand the message. Worship was wonderful also, it’s such a great experience to be able to worship in two languages. Its so cool to see God working accross the world, and to be able […]

First full day in Martin

Yikes! Is it really that time for our high school camp here in Slovakia already? It seems like we just got here! Oh wait, we did… As many of you know (and are praying about), our high school youth camp, formerly known as Be Cool Stay Cool, starts tomorrow morning when we head out at 9am with a busload of 12-18 year-olds! In the past, this camp has taken place […]

Tomorrow is…High School Camp!

It is so strange to think that something we train for months for can go by in just a few short days! We’ve been here at camp in the mountains for 4 days now, and I just can’t believe that it is almost over. The start of camp is always an experience of mixed feelings for me because it’s so exciting to be meeting so many new people, yet scary […]

Wait, so camp is almost over?

We are in our second to last day of camp, I can hardly believe it is almost over. It has been such a growth experience. I have met so many wonderful students over this trip and will miss them dearly when we have to leave. We hope to be able to spend some time with them when we get back to Martin. It is amazing how bright they all are! […]


It is hard to believe I’ve been in Slovakia for a week already, it really has gone by fast. this is my first post so I think I will just start from the beginning. The plane ride(s) over were actually a lot of fun for me, I don’t fly very often and it was a good experience overall, uneventful even (which I like). Arriving in Vienna and driving into Martin […]

Week One Reflection