Global Outreach

The youth camp has been planned, and is nearly ready to go! The Elevate team has put a lot of hard work into figuring out what aspects of our camps we will be able to bring over to Slovakia, and are really excited to get there and actually do this thing! Less than two weeks to arrival in Martin, less than three until the Youth Camp actually starts!

Youth Camp

61 hours from now we’ll be together at the airport. Wow. Can it be that we are really so close to actually being in Slovakia? Where did all the time go? It seems like only yesterday we were all just coming together and meeting for the first time, still unaware of how things would work out, how this would change us, how we would change Slovakia. For some, this may […]

T-minus…61 hours…and counting…

Not too long now and we’ll be in Slovakia! However, for the college students hosting the youth camp, the work has just begun. We do have a rough idea of what will be going on for the camp, but we still have a lot of work left to do. We will be talking and working the whole first week in Slovakia with our Slovak counterparts who are helping to make this […]

Almost there…

Well, we’re back in the good old US of A.  We got in right around noon yesterday, and I know that most of us were fighting to stay awake till 9ish last night.  I figured out that I had been awake for about 26 hours when I went to bed, and for me, I only slept about 15 minutes while traveling.  So it was a long day for sure. But […]

Back in the homeland

Hello friends! My name is Elizabeth Englund, and as part of the team of students from Elevate, New Heights’ college ministry, I am so blessed to have been partnered with such amazing individuals! I have had the privilege of traveling to Slovakia on the team twice before, and each year brings new challenges as well as huge blessings! I am not joking when I say that our team from Elevate […]

An introduction may be in order…

This weekend was our Global Outreach training camp. The teams from the college group that are being sent out to Slovakia (that’s us!) and Indonesia got together for one reason, to grow. What a weekend! It was just incredible the things that we accomplished together as a team, the ways we have grown together as a family, and grown closer in our relationships with God. I can truly say I would trust […]

A New Web of Friendships

Well, it’s a beautiful day and I finally got some free time to write on the blog. I’m still in awe of God for putting me on this team, I truly don’t think I could have asked to travel to a far off country with better people. It’s also awesome to see how God is bringing us closer to each other, I look forward to seeing their faces every chance I […]

It’s Completely a God thing.

I’ve been reading through the book “Love Beyond Reason” and it’s been a complete page turner. Every chapter leaves me in deep thought and self-reflection. About a week ago I was praying to hear God’s voice more, something I believe we all yearn for. After reading the chapter on spiritual blindness and deafness I decided to do some reflection. Maybe It wasn’t that God should be talking to me more, […]

Just Have to Listen.

Alright, I’ll chime in for a quick blurb. I’m currently writing a longer post which will be done soon, hopefully. I’ve been very limited on time recently due to a summer job I took a few weeks back. In fact, I should have left for Roseburg, Oregon an hour and a half ago. Anyway, the longer post will hopefully explain a lot more and be more meaningful. Just wanted to […]

Some Brevity

Ok! I’m already in love! I am in love with these people, this culture, the beautiful country! This day has been so amazing! Classes started today and it was through God’s grace that assessments went really smoothly and we quickly got into the classrooms. I already have connected with a couple girls who were such a light to my day today! I am so excited to see them tomorrow! We […]

I have fallen!

We have been here in Martin, Slovakia only 2 full days, yet it seems as though already it has been much longer! It has been so incredible to have re-connected with some of the students that I have met in the English classes and/or at Be Cool Stay Cool camp, and coming here yet again to visit and serve them has been like coming home. (that’s that good people part) […]

Good people, good times, and God things

I can’t believe one week has gone by so quickly! Today was such a bitter sweet day for me. We used today to finish up preparations for the camp and I am feeling really good about the whole of the camp. But on the other hand today was the last day I could spend with any of the students in the classroom since next week I will be gone at […]

God is big!