Class Reunion

Yesterday, our Elevate team – along with their Slovak teammates – left for Camp. The parking lot was filled with families saying good-bye to their high schoolers.  However, in the midst of all the good-byes, there were several reunions. Campers from last year were reuniting with various folks from the New Heights team. You could see the excitement and joy on the faces of the various parties as the reunions (some unexpected) took place. One reunion, in particular, stood out.

For our first few years here, we had a family that attended our English classes. Mom, Dad and one son were in the beginner class; older brother was in intermediate.  Now, the boys are old enough to be in high school and are attending the “Be Cool, Stay Cool” camp. Neither side – American or Slovak – expected to see each other. There was laughter, tears, and much hugging going on as this surprise reunion took place.

It was a great reminder why we’re here. Bottom line, it’s not really about the English (although that’s important) – but it’s about the relationships that take place as a result of the English classes. And, or course, the hope that these relationships will lead to an opportunity to share about the most important relationship of all – a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Based on the reunions witnessed yesterday, I would say things are moving in the right direction…

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