Classes Begin!!

Our first day of classes went well. The testing took a little longer than we had hoped but it got done and we have a good distribution of people in each of the classes.

As we planned for the trip in the states I was put on Lisa’s team to work with the beginners. However, I was only with her for the morning because at lunch Dana shared that she needed another teacher so I volunteered after talking with Lisa. I’m sad to switch, but it will be fun to work with a different teacher (I was in Lisa’s class three years ago when I came). For the time that I was in the beginning class, though, it was so great to see them struggle and then understand; their labor will definitely not be in vain.

After lunch, I joined a table of four girls with Amanda. Their names are Katka, Dominika, Pauka (whom I have not met yet) and Lenka and they are between the ages of 15 and 17. Dominika and Katka were very talkative and asked lots of questions, but Lenka was shy at first. I tried to talk with her from across the table but most of her responses were “I don’t know.” I felt the Lord prompting me to invest in her so, I moved closer and took more time with her, asking her questions and slowly she began to open up a little. So hopefully, as the week goes on, she will open up more.

Thank you for your prayers!


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