cooler weather!!

Sunday was a surprise treat as Jill and I were invited by a church member Vera (sp)to be guests for lunch at her home.  The name of the town, hmmm.  We were welcomed by our hostess, her husband, grandson (our interpreter), his parents and an uncle!!!  Essentially all of the food (including the chicken) were literally home grown!  They make their own wine so we sampled of course.  We were escorted to the living room where we had coffee, dessert and more wine.  We walked to the local church and cemetary where Vera presented the graves of her parents.  Our tour included being viewed and greeted by many of their neighbors (most of whom had pets!!!!)  We waved off concerns about walking in the light rain by explaining that we see it nearly every day in Vancouver.  Our interpreter, Matthew (sp) and his parents drove us ‘the long way’ back to Martin where they shared more of their Sunday afternoon and the beautiful Slovakian countryside before we returned to our dorm.  Even after just a few hours I found myself tearing up as they drove away.   What wonderful hearts I saw.   Thank you God for sharing some of your children with me!!!!

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