Cultural Exchange

This was my favorite of the goulashes. Very tasty with a little bit of heat. I tried to get them to smile for the camera, and then I remembered that they probably didn’t understand English!

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy… That is what was being performed as I snapped these pictures at the Martin Lutheran Congregation Festival this afternoon. Pastor Tomas, in the center playing with his American-style blues band, was earlier leading worship at an outdoor, bi-cultural service featuring music and messages in both English and Slovak. Following the church service was a celebratory picnic for the congregation and the service teams from New Heights and the California group, which is a blending of five different churches. We were treated to traditional Slovak goulash, beverages, bread and pastries, and plenty of fellowship. It is a delight to see old friends and to feel so welcome in a place so far from home.

Later this afternoon we will be setting up our classrooms for the beginning of English lessons tomorrow. The youth teams will be busily preparing for their camps, particularly the high school group, which will be departing in the morning. The weather has been rather warm, and we had thunder showers last night which have added to the humidity, but sitting in the shade at a church service and a picnic was still a very pleasant way to spend a portion of our first Sunday in Slovakia.

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