Day 1: A Recapitulation 1

Prior to begining the hustle of the morning, we were able to pause for a powerful time of prayer, it felt as though the morning was nothing but in God’s hands! Our prayer time was spent dedicating the teachers and their classrooms to the Lord and to his plan. What a blessing!

Once students arrived, we were reminded that first impressions are generally made in the first few seconds of a conversation. This was especially comforting knowing that we would likely be unable to tell the level of English proficiency during those seconds 😉 However, It felt as though the start to many relationships were not in our control, but in a higher one.

As for my day, I was able to work with two teenagers who have a very workable understanding of English, yet, are eager to improve. It was a breath of fresh air to break the ice and move right into the classrooms with the faces I will likely be working with for the next 2 weeks. With much anticipation, I am excited to see the connections that will form out of a seemingly menial act such as conversing in English. It is neat to see how God can work in ways that we would never guess…To know language is something we grow up with, yet to view it as something God can use is seldom acquired.

I thank you all for the support through reading this blog and praying for our team and the many people here at the Bible School in Martin who make all this possible. We were reminded today that not everyone can see first hand the work that is going on here in Slovakia (and around the world), but we can all further the stories and take part in something eternal through our prayers.

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