Day 2 of Camp!!

Hello All!

I would like to say a big thank you to all of you wonderful people who are checking our blog for updates on our time here in Slovakia! Already, we have seen the effects of your prayers, for example, several times we asked for prayers that there would be a change in the extreme heat and humidity when we came here to the camp, and God has been so gracious so far! Sunday in Martin began with cool, clean air, which had been cleared the night before with a CRAZY thunderstorm with pouring down rain! In fact, here in the mountains yesterday it was actually quite cool, which was a welcome change from the heat wave we experienced in the previous days.

Yesterday at camp started off really well I think, and it seemed like many of our students were having a great time with the games. Of course, this is an English conversational camp, so in order to place the students in groups according to their skill level of speaking English, we gave them the same test that was administered for the English courses in Martin. As with the scores of the students in those classes, in general, our students also scored quite high. Of course there are quite a few whose English is quite rough, but there are many, more than I expected, whose English is really quite good. Of course some of them never stop apologizing for their “bad english”, but it is incredible how good some of this so-called “bad english” is. Also yesterday, we went to a sheep farm in the evening and some of our US teammates got to experience real, fresh sheep cheese and sheep juice for the first time! Okay, so last year Michal Valco made me, Brian Kimber, Michelle Ruhe, and I think Erin Stringer as well, drink sheep juice, and it was awful beyond description. But both the sheep cheese and the sheep juice this year were…not that bad I suppose 🙂 It was a very cool experience to interact with and get to know the shepherds there a little bit, as well as to hear about their lives with their sheep in the mountains.

Today’s weather has begun beautifully-we have blue and sunny skies already now at about 10:45am, and all of the cloud cover has burned off with the promise of an even more beautiful day! Amanda and L’ubo ran the morning meeting with the topic of school, and the students are now finishing up in their conversation groups. It’s cool to see the relationships that are forming, and so quickly too! Huge blessing.

Continued prayers for our camp here would be much appreciated! They really do make a difference. For today, please be praying for each of us leaders to keep our attitudes in check, even though we are all very tired already. We need to be gracious, kind, and understanding with each other in order to promote the unity of our team, and for the most part it’s going pretty well. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all of your love and prayers once again! Now off to the rest of our day!

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