Day 3…

Today I would have to say was the best day yet… and also the most tiring.  Funny how those two things so often coincide.  Anyways the hike was an awesome opportunity to chat with some students that I had not gotten to know yet and also presented the time to dig a bit deeper into what exactly Jesus means to them.

After the hike, we had the rest of the team from Martin visit us at camp which was a fun experience for the kids.  As the whole team sat on the stairs chatting with one another, a student came up to me and said, “I watched this group come off of the bus and they all just looked so positive.  Is this how all American’s are?”  A simple visit by the group from Martin opened up a huge opportunity to explain the joy that Jesus brings into a life.  A joy that is international.  A joy that is something different and altogether better than fleeting happiness.  It was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow is the last full day.  We have a lot planned and the only thing that I am sure of is that the plan will soon mean nothing.  Thank you as always for the continued prayers.

His Kingdom come and Will be done.

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