Camp Day 5 – the beginning

Well, it’s breakfast time on day 5 of camp. The connections and relationships are blossoming all around, both with the english and slovak team members. It’s great seeing how open these students are becoming….how ready they are to engage and try their best to have conversations in a language other than their own… much they want to get to know us. Already students are asking if we’ll come back again next year, telling us we should come over christmas break, saying we could stay with them any time, and so on. It’s truly amazing to see all of this happen while knowing that today is going to be the greatest day yet.

Tonight we have our talent show…a concept that wouldn’t get any participation in a US high school camp. Last year nearly every single student was a part of at least one act, and already this year students are talking quietly (and not so quietly) about what they’re going to do tonight. This amount of openness is nearly impossible to describe but is one of the best feelings of success we could hope to see. I cannot wait to see how the rest of camp will turn out…as well as the aftereffects of everything that has happened here.

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