Day 6-Wednesday

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe this is already the end of Day 6! While at times it feels like we’ve been here in Slovakia for a long time already, at others it seems to be going by so quickly. Just yesterday our team from Elevate found out that we will in fact be going to the camp we had planned on originally, and Michal will hopefully be taking us to visit the camp tomorrow before we go with the campers. Things have been so crazy because much about our camp has been up in the air up until this point, but we are finally able to do some fine-tuning and planning for details of the camp. It’s exciting to be able to see an almost-working outline of our camp fall into place! I don’t have long to write this, as we are about to go spend some time with our Slovak teammates, but all I can say is just please keep praying! Keep praying with everything you’ve got! Hopefully we’ll be posting more, as well as pictures soon, but we love you all and thank you for all of your support up to this point! God is doing amazing things here and it’s awesome! Goodbye for now!


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