Day 7 oh my..

what can i say, this has been the most wonderful crazy stressful weeks, but i am loving every moment of it. We didn’t know till day 5 that we would be doing the overnight camp due to the count of students coming. But in Gods plan it is happening. And i am very excited for it. All the nervous/excited feelings i got the day before we left the states vanished right when we stepped into the room where we met all the students for the first time. It has been such a blessing to meet them and “try to” learn their language, And get to know them more. I was placed in the Intermediate room where Martha was teaching and with the help of Nicholas helped teach and have English conversation with the four Slovak students that we at our table. They warmed up to us pretty fast. From wednesday to today i had meetings so i wasn’t able to get to be in the classes, but still got to see them in the hallway or at lunch, so that has been wonderful, i will miss them thats for sure. We leave for camp on Sunday and come back friday. Your prayers would be very much appreciated for strength, patience and energy most of all, and really to just be able to connect with them and love on them. To remember all of that comes from our Lord, and to rely on Him. Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless!


Megan M

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