Day One of Classes

We’ve finished our first day of class with students. We began the day with Brenda, Mary and myself doing a short assessment with students to hopefully place students in the class that fits their English level. Once the assessments were complete, we next looked at how we could try to divide the classes into fairly equal numbers while still grouping students of similar levels.

My intermediate class had 20 students today, but it is already growing tomorrow. The Bible school anticipates several new registrations tomorrow, so our class sizes are guaranteed to grow.

We had a great time getting to know each other’s names and doing activities that will help both the students and ourselves become comfortable with communicating and learning together.

One unexpected thing that we have had to work around is not having the classrooms in the dormitory room available for the first two days. Some water pipes were leaking and the hallway into the classrooms had a long trench cut into the tile floor for repairs. For the first two days we are walking about 3-4 blocks from the Bible school to a building where the elementary school has several classrooms. We hope on Wednesday to be back on the Bible School campus for the remainder of our two weeks.

Time now to prepare for tomorrow’s class!

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