Dropping like…flies?

Well, maybe not like flies, and maybe not really dropping, but, as we end our second Tuesday here, we have another person out sick – and maybe another on the way.  We’ve either brought a bug with us, or picked up a new Slovak one, but either way we need prayer as we continue our second week. Rather than mention names, please pray for everyone to either get or stay healthy. The good news is that Katka is doing a great job taking care of us and bringing us all kinds of Slovak remedies.  As Michal said, if you catch a Slovak bug, you need to use a Slovak treatment so they know how to act!! 😉 


Last night, we had the youth group from the local church here on the back patio of the building where we’re staying and holding our classes.  We had a great turnout!  I guess pizza is a teenage draw in every culture! After we ate, they made up a game throwing frisbees.  It was fun to see the interaction taking place. Afterwards, we went to the pedestrian zone and enjoyed a concert by a group of guys from the youth group, and also a group which includes Tomas, from the Bible school.  It was a beautiful night, which was surprising as we woke to rain, and several of our EFL students showed up, as well. It was another opportunity to spend time with them in a completely different setting. Both bands were great – and played music perfect for line dancing!  


Tonight is an off night, but tomorrow we end classes early to go to Kremnica.  Kremnica is known for it’s mines, but it’s also a beautiful village (http://travel.spectator.sk/articles/1432/gold_in_them_thar_hills).  We spent a brief amount of time there last year.  I’m looking forward to having a little more time to enjoy and explore it this year.  


Besides praying for our health, please also pray for the weather our remaining days here.  It’s been rainy and cold – like Vancouver in the winter, spring, fall…most of the summer! It’s unfortunate because we’re being a bit limited in what we can do outdoors with the students.  It’s kind of nice to be able to take them outside to work – or play.  It would be great to have our remaining three days be sunny and warm!


Thanks so much for your prayers.  In spite of the weather and health challenges, we’re definitely seeing God at work.  Your prayers are making a difference – and are being faithfully answered.  


“Prayer does not equip us for greater works— prayer is the greater work.” 
– Oswald Chambers



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