Facebook Friends: Update from Camp

So, here we are after the first full day of camp. What a ride it has been already. For weeks we have been praying for the Lord to prepare the hearts of the students and to give us the words and activities to best reach them. It is incredible how He answers.
Our first activity of all camp was to create “physical Facebook” pages with the students. The point was to get them to send messages in the envelope on the page and for them to decorate it to make it their own. But the most amazing part was that those weren’t the most impactful aspects. Simply having a column for “friends” sent the students scurrying around, getting signatures and laughing with kids that they have never met before.
We are wearing a lot of hats at this camp. We are entertainers, english teachers, missionaries and night meeting MC’s. But the one that I think is most important is community builders. We are laying the foundation for a class that will hear about Jesus and learn English together for the next 5 years! How incredible is that?! It could seem heavy or overwhelming… but then God steps up and uses something as simple as a Facebook friend to start building a community.
How great is our God.

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