First week of English classes – impressions

Words to describe it : scary – my initial concern was ‘What will my students be like?’ I have 2 sixteen year-old, 1 twenty -two year -old university student, an English teacher married w / 2 children, a married mother of 3 who works at the Slovakian National Library here in Martin. I need not have been scared because they are all delightful individuals.
Excitement : All of the students in the Advanced class have an eager anticipation to learn to speak better English. Some are motivated by the benefits for future careers, those already in careers hope that greater proficiency will result in promotions. I like being a part of that process for them.
Curious: For the students they are curious about what makes these Americans want to give up time and pay money to come to Slovakia and teach English. My curiosity is asking God how he wants to use me to advance His kingdom while I am here. Maybe it was accepting an invitation to tour the National Library with Viera – showing sincere interest in her work.
It was a very good week!

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