First Week Reflections

The first day or two this week felt long but looking back now, the entire week just flew by! I am enjoying time this afternoon (Sunday) resting and reflecting while anticipating and preparing for the week ahead. Two of my students won’t be participating in week 2 (Marcela and Elena) and I’ll miss them both. We’ll likely have new students to inculcate and that will undoubtedly bring both promise and challenge. As I reflect on the week, here are a few thoughts:

1) Kids are kids are kids no matter what country, culture, or language. Middle school boys are mischievous, middle school girls are … interesting, and both still enjoy having fun (even if it’s accompanied with a few sighs and eye-rolls).
2) Followers of Jesus may express their faith in different ways but we all ultimately worship the same God. I was so reminded of that as I had the honor of giving the prayer of thanksgiving after communion at our mid-week worship service, held in a 12th century chapel. Shelly reminded me to consider how many Christians had prayed in the place I stood over the centuries. Awesome yet sobering thought!
3) To trust God is to know God. To know God you need to trust God. Seems like a bit of a “chicken and egg” situation but both statements are deeply profound! Bohdon could explain this better … 🙂
4) Freedom provides hope. I’ve seem ample evidence of that as I’ve walked the streets of Martin every morning. I’ve seen it even more in the dreams and aspirations of the students in our class. Freedom also provides choice … and we join with our Slovak brothers and sisters praying that choice leads to Christ.
5) Slovak is a hard language to learn! My students will be testing me this coming week on the handful of expressions they taught me this past week. Humbling to say the least …

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