Fun Adventures

Today, was a half-day for the students so we had them do a fun craft where they were partnered up randomly and had to get to know each other a little and then design a little foam t-shirt for their partner. The students did such a great job and were so clever with what they wrote on the shirts. They seemed to really enjoy it.

After class, the girls at my table (minus Katka) and I went out to lunch. It was fun to hang out with them and get to know them a little better. Their English is improving everyday. I’m so proud of them. And it was nice to be with Pauka and Lenka before they leave for camp, Sunday.

We ended up getting back late so I missed the bus with the group going to Zilina to shop. I was going to go by myself by train to meet up with them but the girls offered to go with me, and it turned out to be a wonderful rest of the day. We rode the train to Zilina laughing most of the time and went to fun shops. That will be a day that I hold dear in my heart.

Thank you God for wonderful adventures with awesome people!

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