“Getting to Know You…” 1

Wow!  What a great day – and a great job by the team!!  

We started our day with a time of devotions together and prayer for our teachers.  After a quick breakfast, it was time to go meet our students.  

The team did a great job of jumping right in and getting to know the people who came – even without knowing who would or wouldn’t be our students.  (There’s another team here from California.  We divided up the students – they have 30; we currently have 60, but will add more tomorrow.) 


After the assessment to determine their ability level, classes began.  Most of the day was spent just getting to know our students – and letting them get to know us.  The lead teachers, and their teams, did an amazing job.  The students left saying thank you – and looking forward to tomorrow. 

A great way to start…

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