God at work in Slovakia 2

Today begins our second week in Martin. In some ways it’s seems like it was a month ago we arrived because the week was packed with so many new and familiar activities. The first day of class was as exciting and a bit scary for me as it was for our students. I am amazed at the English skills my advanced students possess. Their grammar was better than mine, and I must confess I am learning along with them. They do not know how fortunate they are to have a professionally trained instructor in Lisa. She is educated in teaching English and her tools and techniques make it fun and so engaging that the students are learning even when they do not know they are absorbing…. We have an age range of 12 to 40, and it is their English skill levels which provide the common denominator. Is a blast to see it all in action!
We have been blessed with moderate weather and the hosts make every effort to make us feel comfortable and at home. I am also enjoying getting to know my teammates. We are sharing an experience which gives the Lord a great opportunity to impact us is ways we might not have experienced other wise. I think if I could pin point what has made the biggest impact for me, it has been getting a first hand Birdseye view of how the big picture of New Heights and Slovakia comes together. This partnership is far reaching and multi-layered and it is amazing to realize more clearly what God started many years ago thru one family at our church insisting their exchange student attend Sunday services at New heights….. which resulted in a changed heart…. A changed heart and many more changed hearts reaching out to an entire country, one person at a time…. And teaching English can be a wonderful vehicle for just such a vision! We are grateful and privileged to serve…. We come to bless but as often happens in God’s economy we are the ones blessed. Hugs!

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