God is big!

I can’t believe one week has gone by so quickly! Today was such a bitter sweet day for me. We used today to finish up preparations for the camp and I am feeling really good about the whole of the camp. But on the other hand today was the last day I could spend with any of the students in the classroom since next week I will be gone at camp. It’s amazing the ties you can make with a group of people so quickly. I’ll be able to see them briefly next week on only a couple of days so it’s not good bye forever but I for sure wish I had more time with them. 

On Thursday night a couple of the pastors from the bible school put on a worship service just for is in English so that we could have the community we needed in eachother and spiritually replenish ourselves. Pastor Milan did a talk for us and he has some incredible insight. It was so refreshing for me to pause and reflect on the reasons God has brought me here and they ways that he will use me that are still unknown.

Please be praying for us! The elevate (college group) team will be leaving on Sunday for camp so please please please be keeping us in your prayers! God is big! So much bigger than we know!

“And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us. And If our God is with us then what could stand against!”


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