God’s Glory in People and Nature

The Lord continually reminds me to rely and completely put my trust in Him. It is so easy to run ahead of Him and try to “figure things out.” But He is faithful and I know His plans are greater than my own.

Today, Amanda moved to a different table and I met the fourth girl at my table, Pauka. She seems really sweet and is shy like Lenka so I hope to encourage her and help her feel more comfortable as the week goes on. And I found out the Dominika loves to do theatre! So she asked me lots of questions about schools in America and what theatre is like. It is so neat to share my passion with a young girl who lives on another side of the world. God is so amazing!

After class we went to a park where what they call a castle was (but it’s not what we think of when we say castle). We couldn’t go inside because it was pretty run down but we walked the “grounds” and went on a fun hike. It was nice to get out in the open air after being in hot classrooms all day. Although it was muggy I could feel the sweetness of God’s presence

Please pray for Lenka and Pauka, that they would become more comfortable in speaking and please continue to pray for the Elevate group as they plan camp.

Thank you!

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