God’s Love

Each year God impresses something special on my heart when I am here in Slovakia. This year we went on a beautiful hike in the (Mala Fatra) mountains. We hiked through canyons, along streams, around ridges, climbed up ladders through narrow passages, viewed waterfalls and got to visit with friends. I wasn’t sure initially if I was going to go on this hike, but with encouragement decided his was a good idea. As I was hiking along, I had some time to just enjoy nature. It was during this quiet time that God really spoke to my heart. He reminded me how important it is to stay on the path that He leads me in. Sometimes the path is rough and seems like it might not be the right way, but I need to trust Him as my guide. At times there are pleasant surprises that we just are amazed by, and it reminds us how much He cares. Other times it can be a bit rough, and that is when we need to take a helping hand so we can make it through. And lastly, I recognized the importance of a guide who knows the way-all the ups and downs. He is Lord, He does know the way, and He does deeply care for each of us all along the path.

Kirsten Benko

Nicholas also wanted to add a few thoughts.

I want to thank everyone who helped support my mission trip to Slovakia this year. It was a really great year, and without all of my family and friends supporting me, I would not have been able to come here. It showed me how faithful God is. My students were great to help, and I know we have become friends, and we will write each other. They all said they hope they can come back next year. This has been an amazing trip for me. I hope that I can always do mission work. Pray for our safe travels home and the bible school staff because they are getting ready for another group.

Nicholas Benko

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