Going on day 8

barely surviving in this jungle, don’t know how much longer the elevate team can take this scorching heat and the BIG thunderstorms. We are definitely going to be needing help from YOU and the BIG GUY up stairs for prayer to KEEP GOING and strive to the finish line. We will come across the need for patience with one another to work well together and will have to lean on each other for energy and for support when we don’t think we can get through the swamps and sometimes deserts. But through God we can do anything! On the other hand, i am very much looking forward to serving each other and the students there. Also, seeing God use me to bring glory to Him. Please be praying also for wisdom and knowledge.

Today, we got to experience going to two different castles and looking at two very very old churches which was so awesome and took a million pictures! The last church Amanda Howard and i got to have a little “scare”. The second floor there we’re  beautiful organs that everybody was listening to, and towards the end
we decided to go the rest of the stairs up leading to the tower… i think, after quite a ways up we found cobwebs and spiders on the second set of stairs leading up to the tower, so we decided to head back down. Found everyone gone on the second floor. We kept going to the main floor. To find ourselves locked in!! We knocked and knocked and knocked… and then started to freak out because we couldn’t hear anyone and no one knew where we were. So we started well… banging on the door. Finally, one of the older woman that worked there said in what we think was Slovak, i’m coming hold on. So with a sigh of relief we came out alive. Thanks to God!

That’s it for now! Thanks so much for reading and keeping us in your prayers.
Take care. Till later…

Megan Matte

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