Going strong in Slovakia

This trip has been fantastic so far!  Over the weekend of travel the team has created a bond (you would have to after 24 hours of traveling together, with little sleep!)   The final trip (a bus ride) from Vienna, Austria and Martin, Slovakia was a surprise to me…  it looked very much like the pacific northwest except for an occasional castle 🙂 (this picture was taken from inside the bus as we passed the castle ruins)

We also passed dozens of sunflower fields and wind generators – but other than that, it looked like home…  We all crashed after dinner on Saturday and then went to church Sunday morning… We had an interpretor – but still heard the Slovak language…  what a terrific experience… this picture was taken earlier in the morning… the bells were chiming with the most wonderful tone (I wish you could hear them!!!)

The inside of the church was beautiful… before we started this trip, we were assigned to read the book “If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat” based on the scripture of Jesus walking on water to the disciples, and Peter getting out of the boat to walk to Him… I hope you can see the picture above the alter… it dipicts the scene of Jesus grabbing Peter’s hand when he started to sink!! wow!!!

this picture is of the pipes to the organ… you don’t see those anymore!

Classes are getting underway and the thrill of this new adventure is beyond words… We thank God for this opportunity to Serve Slovakia…

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