Good people, good times, and God things

We have been here in Martin, Slovakia only 2 full days, yet it seems as though already it has been much longer! It has been so incredible to have re-connected with some of the students that I have met in the English classes and/or at Be Cool Stay Cool camp, and coming here yet again to visit and serve them has been like coming home. (that’s that good people part)

Today has been quite the eventful day, between testing students in the morning, meeting up with Ita during that time, and having the great privilege of visiting the home of Tomas and Slavka (along with their two adorable boys Misko and Ondre). While we were visiting their amazing new home, we went on a walk through their village and into one of Slovakia’s national forests, which was incredibly beautiful. It is so exciting and touching at the same time to be able to just bask in the beauty and creativity of God’s creation! We saw the most beautiful sunset and I even got some awesome pictures of it. (that’s the part about good times)

The parts of the trip so far that have been God things for me have been a combination of good people, good times, and God just working in my own heart to break myself of selfish habits. He continually reminds me that I am here to love and serve not only the people here at the Bible school, but also my wonderful teammates that are here with me. I’m telling you, we have been blessed with such incredible people this year to serve here, and it’s been a lot of fun as well as a lesson in how we can always be looking to others and showing them love. Love; it’s what we do. Even more importantly though, it’s the imitation of Christ that we strive for, and in doing so, we must love others with a passion that cannot be tamed. I’m so excited to see more  ways that God will work in and through our lives because I know that God is faithful. As we were reminded again this morning, as Pastor Matt says, “God is here, He’s in charge, and He has a plan.”

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