Great News!

Great news! Lenka and Pauka were talking more today! It’s as though a switch went on or something. They were adding to discussion and asking more questions. God is so good!

And of course Dominika and Katka continue to talk and grow. It’s so amazing to watch our class learn. And Dana is doing such a wonderful job. Please pray for her as she prepares her lessons and tries to cater to the class’ specific needs.

In the evening I had the opportunity to spend some time in the square with a group of people and my friend, Hedwi. I met her last July when she was in the states doing an internship at New Heights. She is such a kindred spirit and she has such a genuine love for God and people. I pray that our friendship will grow and continue in the years to come.

Please pray for rest for us, especially the teachers and the Elevate group.

Thank you!

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