Halfway through already…

Today was yet another test of flexibility for the EGMT camp.  We talked through the day in the morning and had plans for English classes and sports; however, before long we ended up at a dairy farm watching cows being milked by a giant farm device many kids liked to call “the octopus machine.”  For a person who enjoys having a day planned out, trips like this are a mini test.  Am I relying too much on my plans and not leaving enough room for the spontaneity of the Lord?

Needless to say, the field trip was a success and led to adventures such as hay fights, dancing episodes, and cheese tasting that bonded these kids together in new ways.  I love that God has better plans than I do.  It takes the pressure off you know?

Anyways prayers always appreciated and always felt.  Hike day tomorrow so pray that the Lord will lift up our conversations to new levels of depth.

His Kingdom come, His Will be done.

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