Heading Home

So…it’s over. 2 weeks in Slovakia have flown by and the parting today with all the students, kids and adults alike, was, as Shakespeare said so well all those years ago–“sweet sorrow.” I tried to explain this concept to my group–how something can be both sweet and sorrowful at the same time. For non-native English speakers, it was a bit difficult, but I think they eventually got it. The parting is sorrowful, because we won’t see each other for…how long? Maybe never. It’s impossible to know, yet it’s also sweet because we’ve come to know and love each other and we’ll never forget this time together. Opportunities to share God’s word abounded on this trip and I know lives were changed. Such a blessing to be part of this ministry. To all my students and co-workers, thank you so much for this amazing time. Keep us in your prayers as we begin the long journey home tomorrow morning. 🙂

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