It’s all about relationships… 2


That’s what Serving Slovakia is all about.

I just finished reading the blog entries by our team members at the youth camp. Relationships was a reoccurring theme in each entry. Whether at the youth camp or here in the EFL classes here in Martin, it is one of our main purposes in Martin besides teaching English. Building relationships with the students and helping build a relationship with the Bible School.

Dinner in the evening at a restaurant or home,

Walking and talking in the square during and after class,

Enjoying a cup of coffee or a cold drink at a nearby restaurant,

Sitting outside talking during lunch

This year before coming I prayed that I would be able to do a better job of developing a relationship with at least one student. I’ve found it much harder since taking on the role of a lead teacher two years ago. I really missed the experience I had the first year when working with a small group of four students.

God has certainly answered my prayer. Earlier this week, I went with two other team members to enjoy an evening at the home of one of our college-aged students. She showed up early to pick us up and take us to her home about half an hour away. We met her parents, got a walking tour of her village, visited her church, and enjoyed talking with her parents (she translated for us). We left more than four hours later with a box of delicious leftovers and grateful hearts.

Just this afternoon I spent several hours with two sisters, who attended classes the first two years of our Serving Slovakia team came to Martin. Alexandra was in my small group the first year, and then her sister, Monika, was in my class the second year. They live in a town 1 ½ hours away from Martin by train. They had come to talk about Monika’s upcoming visit to Vancouver next month. She is so excited to come! She will be visiting for three weeks and staying with one of our first year team members. She will be making her first trip to the United States and get to experience New Heights. Alexandra hopes to make the same trip soon. She is busy studying for exams from her first year at the University in Vienna. We are planning to spend time talking via Skype this coming year.

I am so thankful that God has allowed me to continue to be a part of Serving Slovakia and be a part of relationship building toward His kingdom.

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