It’s Completely a God thing.

Well, it’s a beautiful day and I finally got some free time to write on the blog. I’m still in awe of God for putting me on this team, I truly don’t think I could have asked to travel to a far off country with better people. It’s also awesome to see how God is bringing us closer to each other, I look forward to seeing their faces every chance I get. I think it is completely God’s plan that we are being sent to Slovakia this summer. Judging on how we interacted with each other at the training camp a few weekends ago and seeing how we only relied on each other  more so in the face of adversity, we are going to see God work in ways we may have never experienced before.

I really Don’t have much more to say, other than that I’m beyond excited for this, and that I’m sincerely grateful to New Heights for their support and impact that they have had on my life in the last six months. God really does not ever stop working, that’s something I can rest assured in as we approach the upcoming venture. I can’t wait to see His plans unfold further more.  On top of that, I would really like to ask any of those who read these blog posts to keep the team in your prayers. I would say that you could specifically pray that God will continue to grow us closer to Him, and that we would all grow in our desire for His word and presence.


–  With much love, Jared Smith.

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