J-Camp: Day 1

Greetings! We are now 1 day down on J-Camp (think Camp Surf/Camp Getaway, but with much fewer students…who don’t speak English). Our team has been meeting regularly with Lubka (one of our interns from a few summers back), in order to prepare for camp. As I wrote earlier, we are here in much of a support role for the camp…Lubka is the one who really put the effort into planning this whole week.


Camp has been great, we were apprehensive about the level of English that the students would possess, but it turns out that has been a non-issue. In fact, I would say that, at least for myself, I have been able to connect better with the students who speak no English at all. I am for sure expanding my Slovak vocabulary at an exponential rate for now. As we are seeing in the summer teaching series, it is our weakness that God completes with his strength. In this case, it is much of my weakness in communication and Gods strength showing through as his love.


Additionally, the Cortez family, who were a late addition to our team have proved to be an amazing blessing for this camp. They brought their two daughters (one middle school age and one younger), and they have been connecting with the students in some ways better than even we could as adults and older student aged individuals.


Tomorrow morning, I am blessed with getting to lead the team in a devotional time, as such, I chose to cover Genesis 11:1-9, the Tower of Babel story. It seems like a perfect fit. It is such a great reminder of our own weakness to have the language barrier. If not for that, I might become quite arrogant in seeing that this camp is going well, I have done many camps before and I would quite honestly pat myself on the back and say “good job Cameron.” But no, when this goes well, when the moments of true connection happen and we are able to share the love of God, it is clear that is not from my own strength at all!


As they say in Slovakia when it is time to go to sleep, Dobru noc!

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