Just Have to Listen. 1

I’ve been reading through the book “Love Beyond Reason” and it’s been a complete page turner. Every chapter leaves me in deep thought and self-reflection. About a week ago I was praying to hear God’s voice more, something I believe we all yearn for. After reading the chapter on spiritual blindness and deafness I decided to do some reflection. Maybe It wasn’t that God should be talking to me more, but that I should actually take the time to listen, to be still. I was letting the worries and stresses of the world drown out God’s soft but impactful voice.

God is almost always speaking to us you just have to listen. In addition to the Bible, God can speak His love into our daily lives. Every time my heart beats, my lungs successfully take in another breath, I can hear God say, “I created you.” Every time I get in my car, go to work, or take a bite out of that sandwich I hear God say, “I provide for you.” Every time I see a loved one, or feel the caress of a close friend, I can feel God saying, ” I love you.” Then,this is where it hit me the hardest. Whenever there is someone placed in my life, the down trodden, the lonely and hurting, I can hear God say, ” Do you love Me?”

All the people God has place in my life, are God’s call on my life to practice love. This adventure to Slovakia this summer is just icing on the cake to the fact that all the people I cross paths with everyday, are ways to hear God’s voice and respond to Him with the love He deserves. I’m so excited for all the growth that I will undergo during my devotions and preparations for Slovakia, as well as all the growth that will take place while we are all there. God is amazing.He has a plan. I would just like to request that all who read these blogs will keep the team in your prayers, that we all will be daily hungry for God’s word and presence in our lives.That He will continue to shape us and grow us, that our hearts will become ever softer, and more humble. And that we will grow in God’s love, that we will overflow with His grace and compassion. Thanks again for all your support and love everybody.

– Jared Smith

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