Katy and Lucy: Take 2

One of the biggest frustrations for me personally here is the unreliable internet, coupled with my relative incompetence in navigating it. Somehow I always seem to find a way to make things harder than they have to be. I also feel strongly that computers are like cats; they know whether you like them or not and treat you accordingly. The text I prepared to accompany the picture in my previous post was lost in transit and I will now explain again why I thought you should meet these lovely girls.

Katy and Lucy were both in my class in 2008, the first year I visited Slovakia. I have kept in loose contact with them these past two years through emails and Facebook. Although very different, they have much in common. Both are seventeen, exceptionally bright and ambitious, enthusiastic, and have wonderful senses of humor and a touch of mischievousness that is easily apparent. They are two of the main reasons I wanted to be a part of the Serving Slovakia team again this year.

Katy is busily preparing to leave for a student exchange year in Wisconsin beginning this August. It is a true exchange in that the daughter of her host family will be coming to Slovakia for the school year. Katy takes diligent notes in class, loves learning new phrases, and is interested in all things American. With her outgoing personality and surprising proficiency in English she is sure to be a big hit with her new classmates this fall. I would love to find a way for her to come and visit us in Vancouver while she is in the U.S.

Lucy lives in the neighboring community of Zilina where her parents are both professors at the university. She does very well with English, but her first love is Spanish! While she has studied English longer, she is less confident with it and chooses to use Spanish in her online communication with me. Lucy freely admits to loving school and thinks she may want to study law one day. I fully believe that Lucy has the ability and determination to accomplish any goal she sets for herself.

All of the students here are wonderful, each with their own unique story and set of needs.  A few we will be losing to the high school camp this week, as well as the Elevate team which has been a great help in our classrooms. Please continue to pray that whether in class or at the camp, we will be able to connect with the students in real and meaningful ways that will have lasting impact in their lives.

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