let’s hear it for our prayer teams! 2

I’m reading J. Oswald Sanders in prep for this trip and allow me share a quote: (John 15:16) “You did not choose Me, but I chose you.” Our position is in no sense a reward for merit. It is the sovereign choice of our Master…He chose His disciples in full knowledge of the instability and weakness they would display…He made His selection after a night of prayer. He knew that the whole success of His program would depend upon the loyalty of these men. In the coming testing days, the fact that they had been chosen by Him would prove a sheet anchor to them. He also indicated that they were “chosen to bear fruit”. It would be a lifework, and their effectiveness would depend on their prayer life. Prayer is still the open secret of “fruit that will last.”
So prayer teams, we all need you. Thanks for joining the team!–Cal Swanson

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