Message from a Friend

This afternoon I opened my email and found a message from my friend, Alexandra. I have known her since the first year a team went to Martin, Slovakia. Along with three other students, she was in the small group I led. She lives in a small village outside of Bratislava, the capitol. She wanted to know when we arrive. Last summer I stayed with Alexandra and her parents an extra week after classes ended. I saw many new sites in Slovakia, and we also visited Prague for a few days. She visited Vancouver two summers ago and saw many of the places in and around Vancouver as well as Disneyland.

Developing friendships like this are just one reason why we make this trip. While Alexandra was here, we also went to a Summer Festival night meeting. It happened on an evening when it took place outside. One of the songs sung that night was God is Able. The next day I heard it playing in my dining area. Alexandra had found it on the internet and was enjoying it once again.



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