Monday in Martin 1

Today was the first day of teaching the English classes. I was placed in the beginner class (possibly due to my lack of ability to speak English). It was a wonderful experience, some of the students were very functional in conversations in English while others were very new to the language. The moment of the day that truly popped out as a time to connect with students was when the tables were turned and us instructors had to pronounce words in Slovak. Needless to say, the worst English students were much more advanced than my Slovak. Thus far, I have learned (loosely) only the words for hello, goodbye, thank you and good morning.

The weather has been extremely hot, which is wonderful, except that it is extremely hot! The students were very eager to learn English and seemed to press on. It has been wonderful to see the opportunities to share Jesus’ love even in simple conversations of “why did you come to Slovakia?”

And now, I will stop posting, as I have run out of the ability to run my laptop any longer without it losing all battery power. Thank you all for the prayers!


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