Nearing the end…

As I think about our time here in Slovakia over the past two weeks or so, I simply cannot think where the time has gone! We are now beginning our last full day here at BCSC camp, and the skies seem to hold the promise of yet another beautiful day. Each day we spend here is more fun than the last, and since tonight will be our last night meeting, my teammates and I are all very much looking forward to it, as well as our annual talent show. If you have read the most recent post by Matt, you know that our students are getting very excited about their acts they will be performing tonight.

Last night was a ton of fun too. Just like last year, we had American Night, for which each of us Americans dressed up in costumes having to do with US culture. For example, Cameron dressed up as a cowboy, and I dressed up as a hula dancer. It was really fun and we had a great time. After that we all went up the hill for a bonfire to roast yes, of course, smores. I know there is an apostrophe in there, but I cannot find it on this Slovak keyboard! Then finally, we ended the night with some other activities such as poker, a craft table, and bobbing for apples. All in all it was a great night!

We would still really appreciate your prayers, as we finish up our time here. The relationships that we have been forming with our students are so special and precious, and we ask for your prayers that each of us would continue to take advantage of this unique and special time with them. Also as Matt mentioned, many of them have asked questions such as Why were you not born Slovak, and Will you come again next year. It is a precious gift to be loved so much and to have such a wonderful time with them.

So thank you all for your prayers! To those of you still in classes in Martin, we will see you tomorrow afternoon, and to those of you at home in Washington, we will see you in just 3 short days! We cannot wait to see you all!

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