New Team – New Adventure!

On Tues, the Serving Slovakia 2011 Team meets for our last training. While it’s been great to get to know the folks on this team, it hasn’t been easy. NOT because this isn’t a great team filled with amazing individuals – it is and they are –  but because various circumstances have presented some interesting challenges causing us to have to reschedule several meetings.

However, there has been a graciousness and flexibility shown by this team that has confirmed my initial impression of this group. They’re a pretty fantastic bunch – and I’m thrilled to be sharing in this adventure with them. I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for us this summer.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce the Serving Slovakia Team 2011!

Team members: Cameron Bedrosian, Kari Van Gorden, Megan Matte, Steffan Baumeister, Elizabeth Englund, Martha Hurlburt, Joy Bobbe, Simon Benko, Louella Copeland, Nancy Anderson, Barb Wright, Lois Englund, Nancy Woodman, Robin Salsbury, Lisa Mitchell, Kim Cameron, David Benko, Donmarie Schultz, Sawyer Schultz, Chester Thun, Mary Bishop, Lori Graville, John McDonald, Matt Johnson, Jared Smith, Shelly Johnson   Not pictured: Mark Johnson

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